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10 Reasons to Buy Canadian

Next time you want a special product, choose Canadian-made – and be prepared to be amazed!

We’ve all heard about economic unrest overseas… labour revolutions in China, soaring oil costs and cotton shortages. I often wondered when the bubble would burst and what would be the consequences to North American business if this were to happen?

Sitting on this side of the fence, I can tell you, first-hand, it is already starting to happen. We are becoming more conscious of what we’re purchasing right across the board, from business to personal.

I am constantly asked by clients, “where is the product made?” We all have to make an effort to change our way of thinking.

We can’t manufacture everything in Canada, since we simply cannot afford to do it, but there are still many reasons why you shouldn’t pass up made-in-Canada products.

Ten Reasons to Buy Canadian:

1. If you’re working on a custom product, such as a leather portfolio or travel bag, you can customize the product (regardless of the materials used) to suit your budget and branding requirements. No other company could copy this product, and this type of promotion would surely set you apart from your competitors. Recipients remember excellent promotions! The possibilities are endless for custom products.

2. Lower minimums.

3. Supplier can, and should, invite you to their supplier’s manufacturing facility if there is any question or concern regarding the order.

4. The ability to create a unique and special product that can be manufactured specifically for your company or client. You would know exactly what you’re getting, with no unpleasant surprises.

5. Creating and giving jobs back to Canadians, thus keeping our dollars at home.

6. Quality control.

7. A pre-production sample is easily available in a quicker timeline without exorbitant freight charges.

8. Reduced carbon footprint.

9. No duty or brokerage fees.

10. Health and safety is carefully regulated in Canada, as opposed to overseas plants.

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