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AlliedPRA Launching Mentor Program

AlliedPRA, Inc. is launching the new AlliedPRA Mentor Program in its 20-US company owned and franchise locations.

“We are launching the program to further enhance a work environment that nurtures personal and professional development,” said Denise Dornfeld, president of AlliedPRA, Inc. “The mentees benefit from enhanced training and career development, increased self-awareness and self-discipline from receiving constructive feedback on development areas. Mentors get the satisfaction from helping others and seeing them progress, knowing they are having a positive impact on the company and growing their own leadership and professional skills.”

The AlliedPRA Mentor Program is a six-month plan, requiring a one-hour commitment per month from both the mentor and the mentee.

AlliedPRA Headquarters pairs up team members based on position, areas of expertise and growth. The AlliedPRA mentors must have been with the company for three years and be willing to help develop the mentee’s industry integration through guidance, feedback and performance overviews. Those involved in the AlliedPRA Mentor Program receive support from the AlliedPRA Headquarters Team with tools, strategies and checklist of goals to accomplish over the six-month guidance period.

“We are thrilled to launch this initiative and look forward to seeing the positive results from pairing up our seasoned professionals with our eager to learn newer employees,” added Dornfeld. “I strongly believe a person in a leadership position has a responsibility to give back to the industry and ‘teach who you touch’ by creating an atmosphere of engagement and education, and this program does just that.”

The AlliedPRA Mentor program kicks off this month with successes and perspectives shared on the AlliedPRA blog site at Collectively, AlliedPRA has more than 650 years of industry experiences across its system, offering a  wealth of knowledge and insight.

The Mentor Program is another way AlliedPRA ensures this experience and the acumen that come with it are passed down to those newer to the company who are looking to grow their careers in this amazing field of destination management.

AlliedPRA is a leading destination management company (DMC).