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Are You Profiling Your Customers?

Steve Dempsey.

I love technology and the latest gadgets/apps…but I also know I’m in the minority when compared to the general business population. So when you’re communicating with your customers, what level of sophistication are you using?

Define your Customer
For purpose of discussion, let’s agree your customer is any business professional whom you are communicating with and you want to take a desired action. An action may be to open your e-mail, answer your phone call, complete a survey, register for a business event, or maybe even buy something from you.

So now you have a customer (or prospect) and a defined goal (action). Have you profiled your customer? Hopefully you have dozens or hundreds of customers and prospects, so no, I don’t mean profiling each one…but I do mean you should have an average profile of an average customer.

Customer Profiling Questions (to ask yourself)
What keeps them up at night? Are they male or female? Average age, family profile (pets, kids, etc.), cars and/or trucks, vacation(s). When and how do they read their e-mail? Desktop computer, smart phone, tablet or a combination of all three? If they are in meetings/events during business hours, then they likely are reading e-mail in off hours. How engaged is your average customer in social media? If yes, determine which ones and when they use them? Who are their trusted sources for information and how do they consume/share it?

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