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Avoiding Bedbugs During Group Programmes

There are a number of tips and resources available to planners, so they can avoid hotel bedbugs when planning a group programme.

October 26, 2010

The very last thing meeting and event planners want, when organizing a conference or incentive-travel group programme, is to encounter nasty bedbugs in the host hotel(s).

Fortunately, there are a number of tips and resources available to planners, so they can keep their programmes bug-free:

Before booking a group stay at a hotel, ask if they’ve had a bedbug problem, then go online to verify the info on that property and weed out any other offending hotels.

There are a number of handy websites, such as, and, that make the search for bug-free hotels much easier.

Search a hotel’s name, plus “bedbugs” (on Google), and double-check for bedbug-related complaints, advises the Globe and Mail.

Once you check into your hotel, have all the members of your group conduct a thorough search of their beds, looking for flat crimson or white-yellow bugs and white, millimetre-size eggs, along mattress seams and tufting, box spring, frame, mattress pad, bedding and dust ruffles, counsels the Globe and Mail.

Make sure everyone on your group programme conducts a thorough check of their room, looking for droppings resembling poppyseeds or ink blotches.

On a related note, 82 per cent of U.S. meeting planners never inquire about bedbug outbreaks at a hotel when booking an event there, according to a survey conducted by meetings industry research firm The Knowland Group.

For more tips, visit The Globe and Mail’s site

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