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Meet In a Hub of Technology

Calgary is already well known for its strengths in energy, transportation, and logistics, but you may not know that the city also has a thriving ICT sector, with the most technology startups per capita in Canada. From robotics to drones to GPS systems, the innovations coming out of Calgary touch on numerous sectors, symbolizing the destination’s great capacity for collaboration. ICT in Calgary is diverse and integrates into our city in many different ways.

Technology and Life Sciences

Alberta has some of the world’s strongest universities and research institutions. Spurring from this, new and innovative solutions from Calgary are entering the global marketplace. For the first time, humanoid robots are being brought into an environment to help kids. Named the product with the most heart at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, the Calgary based Rx Robots MEDi® is designed to help children overcome their fears during medical procedures. The two-foot-tall robot encourages kids to be brave, and acts as a friendly distraction.

Technology and Fashion

Wearable technology in Calgary is undergoing a fashion revolution. MakeFashion, a Calgary-based initiative, brings wearable technology to the runway through pairing high-fashion designers with engineers, hackers and makers to create beautiful and functional wearables.

Founded in Calgary in 2012, MakeFashion has since opened a headquarters in Seattle, WA and has been featured internationally at Shenzhen MakerFaire in China, International CES in Las Vegas and the Bay Area MakerFaire in San Mateo, CA

GE Innovation Centre

The first of its kind for General Electric (GE) in North America, the GE Innovation Centre in Calgary leverages GE’s global expertise, industrial breadth and technology to address challenges across the energy, healthcare, transportation and finance sectors. The GE Innovation Centre provides access to advanced engineering, analytic tools, and real-time data while also connecting local and global subject matter experts. GE’s Global Heavy Oil Centre of Excellence, is a major component of the centre, addressing both Canadian and global energy needs.

Technology Festivals

Technology in Calgary has evolved into a creative and vibrant culture that has literally spilled into the streets. For example, the Beakerhead festival will take over Calgary’s streets and venues this September. Attracting more than 60,000 people, the festival is comprised of engineered art, public performances, community challenges, competitions and ingenious creations.

Technology Incubators

Calgary is home to technology incubators like Innovate Calgary, a place where startups, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, industry and partners take innovation and ideas to business. It takes an ecosystem to drive the commercialization success of and innovation or discovery, and Innovate Calgary provides the help needed to take a startup, discovery or investments to the next stage of growth or market entry.

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