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Calgary TELUS Convention Centre Adding Solar Panels by Summer’s End

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre (CTCC) plans to introduce solar panels on its roof by the end of summer, to help generate power for meetings and events.

Currently, the CTCC is installing 10KW solar panels on the North Building roof, with the aim of harnessing energy from the sun and lowering the facility’s carbon footprint.

By doing this, CTCC is capitalizing on the fact that Calgary receives more sunshine hours annually than any other major Canadian city.

The energy generated from the panels will feed into the existing electrical distribution system in the North Building, offsetting the emissions by 11 tonnes, equivalent to two cars being taken off the streets.

In fact, the solar panels could generate enough energy for two average households for an entire year, which, on average, consume 600KWH per month.

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