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Canadian Job Seekers Looking to Travel

Nearly one in four (23 per cent) Canadians say they would not pursue a new job opportunity if it didn’t include travel, reports a recent national survey exploring Canadian travel habits conducted by Choice Hotels Canada.

CHOICE HOTELS CANADA INC. - Travel a key factor for Canadian jobThe survey results also revealed that 75 per cent of business travellers admit they “enjoy travelling for work” and 55 per cent says they “secretly enjoy the break from family.”

“Whether it’s for work or leisure, Canadians value travel,” says Tim Oldfield, managing director at Choice Hotels Canada. “What’s interesting to see are the differences in habits among those on the road—both between women and men, and those on vacation compared to business travellers.”

Some of the key findings among business and leisure travellers alike, included:

  • 46 per cent of survey respondents have stayed in a hotel in the past six months
  • male business travellers are more likely than female business travellers to travel for business than pleasure (23 per cent versus 10 per cent)
  • Women take greater advantage of the freedoms of the hotel: helping themselves to toiletries (57 per cent of women versus 44 percent of men); eating in bed (32 per cent versus 27 per cent); and lounging in bathrobes (25 per cent versus 17 per cent).

The survey also showed that business travellers are messier than leisure travellers:

  • 35 per cent of business travellers leave towels on the floor versus 27 per cent of leisure travellers;
  • 34 per cent of business travellers eat in bed versus 26 per cent of leisure travellers;
  • 26 percent of business travellers leave clothing strewn around versus 19 per cent of leisure travellers;
  • and 23 per cent of business travellers keep the lights and TV on versus 15 per cent of leisure travellers.
ABOUT THE SURVEY: The survey was completed online by 1,503 Canadians between June 30th and July 3rd, 2014 using Leger’s online panel, LegerWeb. 


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