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Direct Energy Centre Introduces Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Direct Energy Centre's electric car charging station.

Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre has launched its first electric vehicle charging station, located in the underground parking garage of the facility.

Guests who use a plug-in electric vehicle to attend meetings, conventions and tradeshows at Direct Energy Centre or Allstream Centre can now use the Level 2, Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

Located at the east entrance of the indoor parking garage, the Level 2 charger provides an 80-per-cent vehicle recharge in about four hours, which is the typical time spent attending major events.

Exhibition Place already offers 14 parking spaces for hybrid cars.

Some of the centre’s other environmental initiatives include waste-diversion, recycling and composting programs; a wind turbine producing 1.2-million kilowatt hours of energy annually; geothermal and photovoltaic arrays; an urban forestry program including lakewater irrigation of the site.

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2 Comments » for Direct Energy Centre Introduces Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  1. I’ve always wondered about the electric cars and where people had to go to charge them. Nice to see more places catering to those needs!

  2. Its a great works as many people are having the problem that their battery gets discharged and that time they suffer too much problem. By doing this efforts it will be easy for people to get charging centers in their emergency for recharge their cars.

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