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Eventology Launches Olympic Themed Team Events

VANCOUVER — In honour of August’s Rio Olympic Games, Eventology has launched Olympic-themed corporate team-building events, it was announced mid-June.

“The Olympics always create an exciting patriotic buzz, bringing the nation together as a team,” said Alexandra Pett, Eventology CEO. “It’s a great excuse to use this buzz to your advantage and bring your workplace teams together as well. During the summer, many companies see a drop in employee engagement and motivation. Eventology’s Olympic-themed team-building activities are an awesome way to boost participation and team synergy.”

The company’s team-building events include:

Urban Olympics Go Team — This high-tech treasure hunt can be tailored to all abilities and terrain, and provides participants with real-time updates, feedback and scores as teams progress through the race. Once scores are tallied, the event culminates in an awards ceremony.

Flat Out Afloat — Teams take to the water in a race, regatta, sea battle or adventure to recover sunken treasure in this build-your-own-boat event. Teams select a design, gather together unlikely building materials and combine their individual talents to construct a seaworthy vessel.

Two Tribes — An alternative Olympiad, Two Tribes celebrates indigenous games from all corners of the world. Each team rotates through a circuit of quests, competing head-to-head with teams from the opposing tribe. Points accumulated by the teams contribute to their tribe’s total score. Strategy is key, since rules enable teams to play to their strengths, resting chosen players during some challenges in order to conserve their strength.

Teams them gather for their own Olympic-style closing ceremony, where the red and blue tribes face-off for a final Haka showdown before the two tribes are united and celebrate their achievements.

Eventology provides event-based solutions to corporate groups across Canada, and holds exclusive rights to deliver Catalyst Global team-building products in Canada.

Catalyst Global is the originator of corporate team-building and uses intelligent game design to create team-building activities.

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