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Associations 2025: High Performance Associations of Tomorrow

April 03, 2017 - Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond, British Columbia V6X 1A3

We all live change. We see how it shapes our organizations. Boards and management have reason to worry and be vigilant. It is increasingly difficult to attract members and to engage key audiences. Resources are stressed – the cost to deliver something unique that isn’t available from five other providers; to keep pace with technology; to have stand-out communications; to retain exceptional employees, among others.

Association 2025 in Vancouver builds on the success of the inaugural event, held in Toronto in 2016. It was the highest rated single day event in CSAE’s history with executives attending from across Canada.

The program features real cases and experiences. The presenters have valuable lessons to share to help your organization thrive in the coming years.

It is based on the story about the person who falls down the deep hole and passersby drop in various remedies to little benefit, until a friend jumps down the hole too. The friend explains that they jumped in because they’ve been in that hole before, and know the way out. Association 2025 presenters lead and have led membership organizations.

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