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Go Jump Off a Dock!

Grow professionally, stretch creatively and help your team advance.

Go Jump Off a Dock!

Go Jump Off a Dock!

Pace is the rate at which an activity or movement proceeds. Pace is also about finding your own speed, so that as you move forward, you feel a joyful tempo.

That’s what this HelpYourself blog is all about: advancing your career and enjoying the ride as you do.

Each month, I will send you, via this blog, a PACE activity to help you grow professionally, stretch creatively and help your team advance.

Since this blog is designed to support and advance meeting planners as a community, I want to make sure that as your HelpYourself blog leader, I set a good example.

I will lead the way by truly listening, because unless you feel you are heard, I’m just talk.

I want to be known as someone who has heard. Having heard you, I’m more likely to understand your needs and motivations.

Tell me what you think. Share your stories. Make your voice heard. I will do my best to keep up with new learning assignments that make you smile.

Now, for your first PACE assignment:

Have a good look at the accompanying photograph. Envision yourself stepping off the dock and into the watery depths. Visualize how your body feels as it plunges into the water (cold, exhilarated, alive).

The next step is to find a real dock somewhere, anywhere, this month – and then jump off it! I want you to experience the sensation with all your senses – body, mind and soul.

Afterwards, return to my blog and share your experience of connecting visualization with full, sensory living.

Where in the world did you go? Will jumping off the dock improve your professional game?

Would you recommend this assignment to others?

Do tell! I’d love to hear from you.

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