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Grade School Lessons for Meeting Professionals

Les Selby

I have a grandson who started grade one this year, so I am vicariously reliving those early years of character formation.

As I watch him, it struck me that many of the things he is learning have a direct bearing upon what all event professionals do every day.

First and foremost, life is an adventure and meant to be lived to the fullest.

You need to experience almost everything – you don’t know if you’ll like something or be good at it until you try it (but for many, this lesson does not seem to apply to menu choices).

If something is fun to do and you keep doing it, you get better and better.

Get the chores done and out of the way, so you can enjoy the fun times – and almost everything can be fun if you look at it in the right way.

Although effort is appreciated, it is achievement that is normally praised, held up for emulation and posted on the bulletin board.

People you look up to will praise you when you do a good job and show disappointment when you do not perform well (or you can say that those who matter most will encourage you to do a good job whenever possible).

Interaction and association with others is interesting, socially rewarding and usually fun (but you should do your best to avoid bullies!).

Honesty is the best policy and others will certainly talk about you if you lie or do something dishonest.

Field trips and parties are enjoyable – as a rule, you should go anywhere and try anything new whenever you can.

The person who teaches you is probably the best person in the world (or is it, the best person in the world is the one who teaches you the most?).

Share what you know and help your friends who are having trouble – they will appreciate it and they will return the favor when you need assistance.

No one will allow you to quit if you fail at a task, but it is common sense to try a new angle if your first approach failed.

Fighting is definitely frowned upon, but if you have to fight, do your best to win.

Finally, it is truly amazing how much you know now, and even more amazing how much there is still to learn.




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  1. Joanne Keating says:


    Enjoyed reading your blog. Wonderful reminders of how we continue learn and grow personally and professionally!

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