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How's the Year Going? 2013 Predictions for Meetings Industry

Earlier this year the German Convention Bureau issued five predictions for the global meetings industry in 2013. Now that we’re five months in to the year, we started wondering how accurate its picks are. What do you think?

The German Convention Bureau’s predictions are:

1. Know-How Will Be King… and Queen: “Look for meeting and event destinations to more strongly leverage their local expertise, people power and information excellence to attract and retain clients. Meeting planners are increasingly looking to link meetings and events with their organization’s or client’s sphere of interest through access to highly respected companies, research institutes, initiatives and globally-known opinion leaders.”

2. Smaller Meetings Will Get More Respect: Multiple studies of the meetings industry have shown that small meetings are on the rise. “Suppliers in particular will learn to appreciate smaller meetings as a great reputation builder and—when executed with the utmost efficiency and professionalism—a draw for future meetings business.”

3. Personalization will Make a Comeback: Even though lead times are shrinking and requests for RFPs are growing, members of the meetings industry can’t fall back on cooker cutter responses. “In 2013, the industry should be careful to take a breath and personalize their responses more by discovering the client’s true needs and core business goals. This is all the more important as unique and unexpected elements in the response to an RFP can win a meeting for a destination, service or venue.”

4. Green IT Will Become Part of the Conversation: “Computers, smart phones, tablets and servers—all in high use before, during and after meetings and events—use energy…, which is usually generated from coal or nuclear power that emits carbon and/or creates other environmental concerns. Enter ‘Green IT’, a relatively new concept that refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT.”

5. Value Remains Paramount but Broadens to Experience ROI: “…Cost will again remain a key decision factor when choosing an event location in 2013. Even as globalization is evening out prices across cities, regions and countries, destinations with friendly tax environments (offering perks like VAT reclaim), know-how haring, strong quality, and well run and highly accessible transportation infrastructures will have a competitive advantage as they deliver on overall experience ROI.”

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