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Las Vegas Company Offers Daredevil Plane Rides Above Nevada Desert

Sky Combat Ace offers aerial tips over Las Vegas.

Las Vegas-based Sky Combat Ace (SCA) offers a number of thrill-a-minute plane rides over the Nevada city.

SCA offers five types of experiences. These include Aerobatic Flights, in which passengers learn the art of basic flight maneuvering. Fly the plane under the supervision of SCA’s pilots to execute loops, rolls, hammerheads and spins.

Aerial Dogfighting Passengers chase opponents through the Nevada skies like a real fighter pilot, aiming at, and shooting, their adversary using SCA’s special effects.

Sightseeing Packages. In an open-cockpit biplane fit for two (plus a pilot), enjoy aerial views of the Mojave Desert while flying over Las Vegas landmarks such as the Hoover Dam, Red Rock State Park and the Las Vegas Strip (night-flight options also available).

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