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Key questions you should be asking before you buy any online or print marketing

One of the questions I’ve been asked many times in the past 15 years on M&IT is one of accountability: “If we market with you, how do we know it will work?” The answer comes in the form of hard hitting research that any reputable media company should be able to provide you with.

The following are key questions you should be asking before you buy any online or print marketing:

  • Is your magazine circulation audited? This means the magazine has hired a 3rd party company to verify that who they claim they mail their magazine to is in fact correct. Think of it like buying safety glasses that have the Canadian Safety Association seal of approval; buying an audited publication means you know the audience is qualified.
  • Does your company have a readership study? This information is different from an audit (above). This research demonstrates the habits of the audience such as: taking action from using the products/services, time spent reading/using the products/services, demographics including spending/budgets of the audience, etc. These types of statistics will help you determine if the audience is interacting with the product which in turn means your advertising dollars will be effective.
  • What can you tell me about your online audience? Almost all magazines have an online arm to their business including websites, e-newsetters and eDirects. I have written previously about measuring your online marketing efforts (see Chasing Click Thru’s), but before you get to measurement your media supplier should be able to provide you with statistics that demonstrate how their online audience is interacting with their products. There are thousands of statistics available, but the critical question to ask is ‘what 3rd party service is providing the statistics’, thus providing you with a 3rd party audit similar to the print question above. Some of these key statistics to ask for include:
    • Monthly Page Views– ask for month over month history to see if the audience is growing thus enhancing your advertisement’s impact.
    • Monthly Visitors – both unique visitors and total visitors. This will show you if they are attracting new unique visitors each month and if their website is “sticky” and brings the users back more than once/month.
    • Pages/Visit and Average Time on Site – this will tell you how the users are interacting with the website thus enhancing your advertisement’s impact.
    • eNewsletters/eDirects – they should be able to tell you the distribution, average impressions and click thru rates that you can expect.

Meetings & Incentive Travel can answer all of these above questions to the affirmative.

  • We are 3rd party audited and can prove our audience is 100% qualified meeting planners.
  • We have recently completed another readership study conducted by the same professional research team that collected all the data for the Meeting Professionals International Foundation Canada Economic Impact Study. Some highlights include:
    • Our total readership is 24,165 meaning 2.3 people read every issue of M&IT.
    • 98% of our subscribers actually read M&IT
    • 95% of our subscribers took action as a result of reading M&IT (examples include visited the website of an advertiser, contacted an advertiser, bought a product of an advertiser)
    • The average reader of M&IT has been in the meetings industry 16 years and personally oversees an annual purchasing budget of $366K.
  • We use Google Analytics as our 3rd party and can provide these key statistics to you. To check out’s impression and engagement metrics click here.

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