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Marketing Events to Boomers

When planning an event, generational analytics can provide information about the type of marketing your audience will embrace.

When planning an event, generational analytics can provide information about the type of marketing your audience will embrace. Generational marketing works when you understand how your buyer is motivated in direct relation to the core values of their generation. In a series of three blogs, I will explore the dominant generations, Boomers, GenXers and Millennials, their core values, characteristics and which marketing resonates with them.

There are five living generations in today’s marketplace:

  • G. I.                    1901 – 1926       –   84+
  • Silent                 1927 – 1945       –   65 to 83
  • Boomer  y y yy 1946 – 1964 yyy 46  to 64
  • GenX                  1965 – 1981       –    29  to 45
  • Millennial      yy 1982 – present   –    0 to 28

The Boomer Generation – This massive generation  arose out of the fertility spike after World War II and ended in 1964, when the birth control pill arrived  They are the original “Me” generation and comprise about 43 per cent of the workforce.

Core values

They have a strong sense of right and wrong and initiated many of our consciousness movements, including civil rights and feminism. They are optimists and team players, often defining themselves by their work.

How Boomers respond to events.

They like them, they like networking cocktail receptions, vacation destination venues, content that is engaging and relevant to their work or personal life. They are looking for new information and like directories.

How do they use social media?

Boomers are actively engaged in social media for networking and use them to create and renew personal connections. Classmates was one of the first successful social-media groups to engage boomers, but Facebook has become their social-media platform of choice (73 per cent of Boomers maintain a Facebook profile). They write blogs and read those they consider relevant. They surf the web, are big online shoppers and  have adopted the e-Reader and Kindle. During 2009, Boomers increased their use of Twitter 469 per cent.

What does this mean to your event?

Boomers require a combination of integrated marketing, including print, web, e-mail, direct mail and broadcast media.  Engaging them with a Facebook page or group would be successful. But beware: they will only become “fans” or “friends” if they are passionate about a product or service. When boomers are your primary target audience, providing a printed or online show directory as a takeaway is wise.  Lifelong learners, they enjoy and attend education sessions that add value to their professional and personal growth.

Next: GenXers.

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