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Marketing Events to GenXers

Generational marketing, and its effect on social-media event marketing, with respect to GenXers.

This month, I’m discussing generational marketing, and its effect on social-media event marketing, with respect to GenXers.

To recap, there are five generations in today’s marketplace. This blog series explores the dominant generations – Boomers (see my previous blog post), GenXers and Millennials, their core values, characteristics and which marketing resonates with them:

  • G. I. y y y y y y 1901 – 1926 – 84+
  • Silent y y y y y 1927 – 1945 – 65 to 83
  • Boomer y y y y 1946 – 1964 yy 46 to 64
  • GenX yy y y y 1965 – 1981 – 29 to 45
  • Millennial yy y 1982 – present – 0 to 28

GenX. Highly educated, sophisticated and loyal followers of high-quality brands. This generation came of age in a time of scandals, wars and economic upheaval. This generation is all about survival.

Core Values

They value their independence and consider marriage and employment disposable. They are skeptics and cynical. One of the most loyal in the workplace, they are loyal to people, not organizations. They are self-reliant and distrust older generations and government institutions.

How GenXers Respond to Events

They are not joiners and shy away from professional associations and community service organizations. Their distrust makes it hard to get their loyalty; they value testimonials, truth in advertising and recommendations from their peers.

How Do They Use Social Media?

GenXers were early adopters of Internet communities such as ICQ and Friendster. They use technology when it supports a lifestyle need. Forrester Research study showed 59 per cent actively participate in Facebook and Twitter; however, social-media networks are too public for sharing recommendations, so they prefer private networks. E-mail is the killer app for GenXers.

What Does This Mean to Your Event?

They are jaded towards most advertising and the best means to reach them is to fit transparently into their private conversations between each other – via e-mail. When promoting events to GenXers, your e-mails need to be content-rich, with photos and videos. Include real, qualified content peppered with testimonials. Encourage them to opt-in to your newsletters and to share your information with others by placing “e-mail to a friend” prominently.

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