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Marriott Reimagines Meeting Spaces

The Amsterdam Marriott Hotel has unveiled new “un-meeting-like meeting spaces.”

Along with the Munich Marriott Hotel, it is one of the first hotels in Europe to offer Marriott Hotels’ re-imagined, people-inspired meeting spaces.

“The way people work is changing but the way meetings are hosted at hotels has not kept pace,” said Paul Cahill, senior vice-president, Brand Management, Marriott Hotels. “Inspired by the way Gen X and Gen Y meet and work, we are introducing spaces that promote collaborative work environments for more productive and meaningful outcomes. The new innovative meeting spaces in Munich and Amsterdam harness the new generational dynamic and will revolutionize the way meetings are conducted in hotels.”

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel's re-imagined meeting space.The Amsterdam Marriott’s new meeting rooms feature open floor plans that allow diverse set-ups. The spaces can be configured to facilitate networking, interactive classes, business meetings and presentations. Features include state-of-the-art technology (wireless video conferencing, smart whiteboards, projection walls, docking stations and touch-screen controls), modern lighting and plenty of windows to let in natural light.

In a dramatic move away from traditional meeting room furnishings, the rooms’ chairs and tables more closely resemble those used in popular restaurants than in traditional boardrooms. In keeping with the furniture, the colour palette features contemporary hues accented with brights.


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