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Canadian Meetings Industry Unaffected by Bedbugs

Here are the results of the bedbug survey included in our Oct. 28 e-newsletter.

November 2, 2010

The Canadian meetings industry has not been affected by bedbugs, with just over 96 per cent of opinion-poll respondents reporting that their events hadn’t been impacted on-site by the nasty insects.

This, according to opinions gathered by M&IT magazine in a recent e-newsletter poll, a first for the Canadian meetings industry.

In the Oct. 28 edition of M&IT’s e-newsletter, we asked a series of questions relating to bedbugs. Below are the full results of that reader-opinion questionnaire.

1. When booking an event or group at a hotel, do you inquire about bedbug outbreaks?

• Never – 51.6%

• Sometimes – 22.6%

• Always – 25.8%

2. Have any of your event attendees expressed concerns about attending because of bedbugs?

• Yes – 30.0%

• No – 70.0%

3. Have you moved or relocated an event because of bedbugs?

Yes – 0%

No – 100%

4. Have any of your events been impacted onsite by a bedbug outbreak?

Yes – 3.6%

No – 96.4%

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