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Montreal’s Palais des congrès Revamping Onsite Technology

Palais des congres is updating its onsite technology.

Montreal’s Palais des congrès is embarking on a major technology revamp, the initial phase of which will involve upgrading the wired and wireless Internet network infrastructures and installing a dynamic signage network equipped with touchscreens.

To be spearheaded by the consortium formed by Bell and Cisco, the project will also feature a new e-commerce-enabled web platform, featuring dedicated Intranet zones, to facilitate event and exhibition planning and foster efficient information sharing.

Also part of the upgrade is an event-focused, customizable mobile app organizers, exhibitors and convention-goers can use, as well as an event intelligence infrastructure focused on further enhancing the networking experience.

In addition, the Palais will launch a mobile-adapted website that will feature a user friendly and thoroughly enjoyable browsing experience.

The upgrade is expected to continue throughout 2012.

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