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CN Tower Offering New Experiential Team-Building Program

The CN Tower is now offering a unique team-building workshop that includes EdgeWalk, the world’s highest external walk on a building.

The new program is offered by CN Tower in partnership with Eagle’s’Flight, a creator of innovative, experiential team-building programs with offices throughout Canada and the United States.

The new full-day program, which debuted in September, consists of comprehensive training in two main areas: team and communications. It includes a pre-brief discussion of the EdgeWalk elements associated with the elements in the workplace, a small experiential exercise to set up the key learning components, the EdgeWalk Experience itself and a comprehensive discussion around key team and communication elements.

“As one of Canada’s most unique event venues with award-winning cuisine and a variety of flexible venues, the CN Tower hosts over 500 events each year,” says Jack Robinson, COO, CN Tower. “We’re proud to add to our offerings this exciting new EdgeWalk program that combines the bonding that organically occurs with a ‘bucket list’ experience like EdgeWalk with a workshop to inspire teams to perform better.”

“Teambuilding is about sparking transformations,” said Michael Macnaughton, senior vice-president of Eagle’s Flight. “You want to create that flashpoint where change happens, where people are inspired to do their jobs better, and to lead more effectively. With this exciting new program we want to help teams to take their learning with them and get excited about applying it to their job.”

EdgeWalk opened to the public in 2011. A first of its kind in North America, it is a full circle, hands-free walk on a five foot-wide ledge encircling the top of the CN Tower’s main pod. Participants are attached to an overhead safety rail via a trolley and harness system. The CN Tower—Canada’s National Tower—stands 1,815 feet high and is visited by 1.5+ million people each year.

For more information on the new program call 416.601.4718.

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