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Promo Products: The $20 Question

Of all the questions I’ve been asked, the most frequent one is, “What can I get for $20?”

Of all the questions I’ve been asked, the most frequent one is, “What can I get for $20?”

My answer: Plenty!

There are a multitude of products, from beverage wear, tech products, mini-awards, conference bags, lifestyle products and sports-related gadgets available at this price point.

When you stop and think about it, $20 isn’t a lot to spend, and clients assume there isn’t much in this price category.

The wonderful thing about the promo business is that we are truly in a world of our own – not only for pricing, but for specialized products created just for this industry.

Most products in this $20 price range are designed to have a high perceived value and real value. I guarantee the recipient will appreciate and probably use it.

After all, that’s what this industry is all about: zero waste, when promos are planned properly.

And the good news is, product selection is definitely in the WOW category and the pricing fits the tiniest budgets.

In recent years, the promotional products industry has undergone some significant and necessary changes. How? Distributors listened to the needs of clients, we reported back to our suppliers, who then went back to the drawing board.

In the past five to six years, the product selection has been absolutely fantastic, with prices to match.

I’m truly amazed at every show and discover more interesting and effective products to get the message out. Every day, specials are delivered to my inbox.

In future blogs, I will discuss $20 products, which I will refer to as the “meat and potatoes” category. Just like the commercial several years ago…”where’s the beef?” It’s being served to you on a silver platter!

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