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QuickMobile Enhances Event Apps

VANCOUVER — Enterprise mobile meeting and event apps company QuickMobile has unveiled new product features for large enterprises, it was announced July 14.

Meeting organizers can now enforce security policies and gather consent from users attending an event. It presents a gateway message that can be customized and requires a response in order for the attendee to use the meeting app. Meeting planners can implement and control the responses through acceptance, continue and yes/no buttons. Organizers can then capture and audit the responses from attendees in XLS files.

For security enforcement, meeting planners can now decide when an attendee’s access to the app expires. This thwarts unwanted continual access to content by ex-employees and external contractors who are no longer permitted access to the meeting app. This improves session control by terminating an attendee’s login by duration of inactivity, number of logged-in devices, or forced logout of specific users.

QuickMobile added an attendee-initiated self-signup process for organizers who are creating an open event, but would like to know who is attending. This bridges the gap between registration-free events and full registration systems and meets the demand of attendee self-identification.

“Our customers have voiced interest in greater control over app access, self-identification of users as well as the ability to implement legal and compliance matters into their event apps. Essentially, the security and compliance needs of the enterprise are starting to transcend off-site meetings and events – creating an entirely new set of responsibilities for meeting planners. QuickMobile has responded with solutions that provide security and give greater control over the meeting planning process to organizers,” said Robert Chen, vice-president, engineering.

In the future, security will be further heightened with remote wipe. This provides greater protection of confidential data to organizations and allows them to clear proprietary data from a personal device. Greatly alleviating the challenge caused by data caching on iOS and Android devices, persons no longer associated with the enterprise lose access to private data contained in the event app.

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