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Get to know Robin

  • Sometimes known as:
    Little Miss Bossy
  • Works as:
    Managing Director – IncentiveWorks
  • Since:
  • Most unusual job ever:
    Canteen Girl at the Ennismore Arena
  • Favorite cookie?
  • Beach, city or country person?
    Definitely country! It’s where I was raised and will retire.
  • Early riser or night owl?
    Night owl, I hate alarm clocks. they are just mean.
  • Hobbies:
    Yoga, reading, gardening
  • Favourite movie?
    101 Datamations
  • Favourite TV show?
    Of the moment, Lie to Me.
    I am becoming an expert in micro-expressions!
  • Hometown:
    Ennismore, ON
  • What is your motto in life?
    Everything happens for a reason.

Robin Paisley
Tel. 416-510-5141

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