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Simplify, Personally and Professionally

My theme for 2010 could be, ‘Simply merry’ – finding new ways to simplify, professionally and personally.

Recently, my mother called to say that she gave my Christmas present to the Alzheimer’s Association so they can buy new computers.

My sister sent an e-mail advising all family members that she wouldn’t be taking part in the gift exchange this year, since she wants to forego shopping stress.

My husband wants another pair of invisible ice skates, just like the ones the kids and I got him last year.

My in-laws want to know if finger foods will be okay for dinner, since roasting a turkey takes up too much time.

Our Christmas traditions have morphed into ‘simply merry!’

Yes, it’s all good!

My theme for 2010 could be, ‘Simply merry’ – finding new ways to simplify, professionally and personally.

Professionally, I am just a tool. My family would agree. To all the amazing people who have a need to develop stories to share, hear or tell, I am simply merry.

We (my husband, son, daughter and I) live on a small acreage in Utopia, literally and figuratively (Utopia, Ont., actually).

This property has the most peaceful neighbours: a herd of deer, hundreds of bats, three otters, a beaver, several raccoons, rabbits, coyote, possum, wild turkeys, honey bees and at least one skunk.

As a child, I grew up on a farm. While I was certain I hated farm life, it now feels good to return to a quiet setting to work, live and play.

I may just sound old…but I have come to realize that most of the chaos I have experienced, I have also enabled. ‘Simply merry’ is the gift of choice I will be taking with me into 2011.

Are you up for another call to adventure?

If so, I have a ‘just-in-time for the holidays’ role-play assignment for you, called (what else?), ‘Simply Merry.’

All you need to do is embrace these four qualities:

1. Demonstrate the flexibility to alter your plans.

2. Determine to be happy anyway.

3. Find the joy in whomever or whatever.

4. Give your best.

Warning: By repeating this role-play exercise, you may become simply merry!

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