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Social Media: What Have You Done for Me Lately?

By Steve Dempsey

Steve Dempsey.

Let’s tackle the big one first…Facebook
You may have seen, in the news recently, FB hit 1-billion users – pretty incredible, given that it’s only eight years old. For me, I’ve all but abandoned Facebook. If it wasn’t for the Flipbook app on my iPad, I honestly don’t think it would hit my daily radar. That said, I get two things from it:

1) I get to peruse my friends’ and colleagues’ photos and see where they are travelling and what they are eating. It’s mostly entertainment.

2) I do use it for work and have a couple of groups set up for our niche audiences – so I need to be on it whether I want to or not.

LinkedIn – my old friend
Clocking in at nine years old and closing in on 200-million users, LinkedIn has established itself as the site for professional networking. I’ve still not taken the plunge to upgrade to a paid/premium account, but I’m sure I would be hooked if I did.

What impresses me about LinkedIn is the constant evolution of its tools and widgets that are either skills/experience- or network-focused. In fact, at their #intalent conference (on Oct. 11) – which was live-streamed for everyone and anyone – they announced a new tool that will deliver warm leads to you automatically.

For me, LinkedIn is indispensable – my entire professional and personal network is integrated. And of course, it’s home to the world-renowned group The Steve Report!

The beauty of LinkedIn is no matter where my professional career takes me, my LinkedIn profile comes with me. With the war for talent only just warming up, LinkedIn is going to be at the centre of it.

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