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Success Through Real Collaboration

Recently, I oversaw a client event that had a theme of 'success through internal collaboration.'

Recently, I oversaw a client event that had a theme of ‘success through internal collaboration.’

The event made me consider how lucky most planners are, since we often bring together a number of stakeholders and suppliers to design the best possible event.

What I’m referring to is the success that happens when people with different skills and knowledge come together to create something bigger than any of them could have achieved simply by combining their individual talents.

That success is the result of real collaboration – and that is the result of an honest discussion of challenges, the development of a plan of action and an agreement on how to measure success.

Information is power, and the effective sharing of knowledge makes us a more valuable partner for those we work for and also those with whom we work.

Many planners take the knowledge they have (or that their co-workers and partners provide to them) and share it with their clients to design effective events that maximize the achievement of the (internal or external) client’s stated objectives.

However, most planners are focused predominantly on using shared knowledge to design successful logistical delivery of meetings, events and incentives.

To my mind, the next logical step is to take that sharing of information to the next level and help clients design better event objectives.

Once the business objectives are set, it should be even easier to fine-tune all aspects of the event to maximize the return on objectives.

All of us planners need to encourage real collaboration by using our knowledge and the knowledge of all event stakeholders and suppliers to help the event owners design more effective objectives and design the criteria by which we will measure our results.

By doing this, we will elevate the planning function from pure logistical management to significant contributor to business objectives.

Collaboration also makes us more valuable partners and far less a commodity purchased solely from the lowest bidder.

Isn’t that what every planner really wants to be – an invaluable resource our company or our client knows they can depend on to help them maximize the success of their meetings and events?

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