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The Importance of Taking Vacation

How many of you take regular vacations? And for those who do, how many of you leave your technological connections at the office?

November 16, 2011

I’m preparing for a vacation in the sun. What’s my biggest decision right now? Should I bring my iPhone? Should I stay connected?

I’m only going for a week and I don’t pretend to be that important. Do I think my work world will survive without me for seven days?

Well, only if I get all my ducks in a row before I leave. In my case, that includes:

1. Getting 24 student final papers graded and uploading the grades.

2. Ensuring a January conference is taken as far as I can take it, and being fortunate enough to have a partner who also believes in vacations that cut you off from the world.

3. Getting a final report to another client.

4. Getting my courses for January up and ready to roll the minute I get back.

5. Making sure all my volunteer work is up to snuff.

Sound familiar? And that’s without thinking about my personal life, the grown kids, the dog, the elderly mom, the bills…

Good thing my husband is coming with me or that would be one more thing to worry about.

Will I cut myself right off from technology?

I think I will. My last two vacations I didn’t, and while nothing earth shattering happened, I still had a draw back to the office. Without technology, there will be no draw – to say nothing of the expense of international roaming, data charges no matter how great the plan.

Should we cut ourselves off?

I truly believe so. This is my opportunity to re-energize myself for the gruelling months ahead. This is my opportunity to reacquaint myself with my husband, to read the novels that have been set aside for too long

How many of you even take regular vacations? And for those who do, how many of you leave your technological connections at the office?

Remember, vacations are meant to revive us, so we can be even more productive when we return home. That’s after you spend the first 10 days catching up on e-mails!

Think about it – you need that vacation and honestly, the world won’t fall apart. Besides, most resorts today have opportunities to check e-mail. I promise to try and stay away from that computer, too!

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