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U.S. to Remove Body Scanners that Reveal Naked Images

Full body scanners will be removed from U.S. airports.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will remove airport body scanners that reveal naked images of passengers are because OSI Systems couldn’t write software to make passenger images less revealing.

TSA will end a contract with OSI’s Rapiscan unit for the software after it was determined that the company couldn’t meet a congressional deadline to produce generic passenger images.

Last year, the agency removed 76 of the machines from busier U.S. airports. It will now remove the remaining 174 Rapiscan machines. The TSA will use 60 machines manufactured by L-3 Communications Holdings Inc., the agency’s other supplier of body scanners, and will move some scanners to busier airports to reduce waiting times.

The backscatter units that see through clothing caused controversy around the world, partly based on fears about the amount of radiation they emit, but also because of the potential invasion of privacy, a concern for meeting and incentive travel groups travelling to the U.S.

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