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How To... Meet & Play (Part 4) - Play for Pay

Roger Haskett explains the relationship between play, engagement and event ROI.

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Roger Haskett episode 1Pt 1: SOCIAL PAIN – Haskett explains how planners are accidentally stressing out attendees and why they should stop!


Roger Haskett ep. 2Pt 2: PLAY vs PLAYFUL – Haskett outlines the difference between play and playful, and explains what that difference means to meetings.


Roger Haskett ep. 3Pt 3: PLAY TIME – Haskett explores what experts say about the positive impact of play and its role in achieving full engagement.



RELATED ARTICLE: Play Time – Ask yourself writes Haskett: “How many times do we expect teams, meetings, conferences to work in an environment that produces dead rats?”

Roger HaskettRoger Haskett is the owner and artistic director of Engagement Unlimited in Vancouver, B.C. In addition to being a master of play, he is a conference emcee, meeting facilitator and keynote speaker. 

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