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What is RSS?

Use MeetingsCanada’s RSS web feed to access the latest news and articles as soon as they are published. The web feed will automatically update every time we add fresh content to the website. Save time and stay connected by clicking on the the feeds below.

Meetings Canada RSS Feeds:

News + People feed:

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Overall website feed:

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What is RSS?

RSS, or “Really Simple Syndication” is an easy way to access information online, through “RSS Feeds”.

XML coding shows headlines and information on another page, or “RSS Reader”. Anyone can use RSS, and along with the corresponding web software, have web content displayed automatically.

What Do I Need to Receive MeetingsCanada RSS Feeds?

First, select a “feed reader”. Do a keyword search for “RSS Feed Readers” using any major online search engine and you will find a variety of options, many at little or no cost.

Once you’ve obtained a feed reader, subscribing to a Meetings Canada RSS feed is very simple. Just copy the Web address or URL of the feed pages as shown above and put it in your feed reader. The software will then automatically retrieve and display the latest content that has been added to Meetings Canada.

Alternatively, you can click on the button that corresponds to your preferred method of syndication and access the feed.

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