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What’s in a Hotel Room?

Sandy Biback

In our business, we spend a lot of time in a lot of different hotel bedrooms. More importantly, we make decisions for our delegates’, speakers’, sponsors’, exhibitors’ hotel bedrooms as well.

What about the bedroom itself? Is the view important? What about a reading chair? Fancy shower? Zillion-thread-count sheets? Complimentary WiFi? Coffee maker? Robe? Amenities (must they be Bulgari)?

All these are important for specific demographics and of course, increase the cost of the room.

Here are some others that are really important to me (and what I look for on behalf of my clients):

1. The lighting! Especially task lighting at the desk and by the bed, for nighttime reading. I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights at Ste Anne’s Spa, just north of Toronto. In the bathroom, a sign was posted discussing their ‘green’ initiatives, and this: “Where possible, we use low-wattage compact fluorescent lightbulbs. If lighting levels do not meet your needs, please let us know. Just like at home, when you leave the room, please turn off the lights.” Wow! And I appreciated the lighting by the bed, so I could read. As the population ages and we spend more time at computers, eyes are easily strained and better lighting (not mood lighting) is required.

2. The hallways must be brightly lit.

3. The bathrooms need to have enough counter space to put out toiletries, so they aren’t always dropping into the sink, onto the floor, into the toilet.

4. A light, as soon as you enter, that can be turned on at the door, adds to the safety factor.

5. I like a shelf near the door, where I can put my room key and a binder, etc., that I won’t forget in the morning.

6. Make sure the hairdryer works! I now check it as soon as I check in. I’ve had it not work and not realized it until I went to dry my hair, first thing in the morning, before going on-site.

7. Place electrical outlets in accessible areas, not behind the furniture, etc. I like hotels where there is an outlet built into the desk or task lamp.

Pretty simple stuff, isn’t it? Does it always happen? No. Hotels sell glitz and glamour, sometimes forgetting the simple things. What’s important to you in a hotel bedroom? And how do you translate that to the decisions you make for bedrooms you book on behalf of delegates, etc.?




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3 Comments » for What’s in a Hotel Room?
  1. Great list! As a very frequent hotel guest, I pretty-much agree with your list (although the hair dryer doesn’t matter to me). I’ve put together my own list of what’s important in hotels on my blog–two different postings: one for business hotels, one for leisure (coming shortly).

    One thing that I think is crucial is excellent, high-speed wifi–with bandwidth that can actually handle the number of people who are trying to use it for Skype, email, YouTube, or any number of other applications.

  2. Sandy Biback says:

    Randall,agree about high-speed wifi. Specially if on business. Admit that when I’m on pleasure, could care less about wifi. But that reading light–crucial!

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