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Winter 2013 Trends

Joanna Wiseberg, Red Scarf Promotions.

You may find it easier to source products when you have a sketch of what’s happening in the corporate marketplace.

You wouldn’t think of going shopping for groceries, a suit, a pair of shoes or any other important purchase without a plan of action.

Your plan probably looks something like this…going to your favourite store, knowing, trusting and relying on a knowledgeable and experienced salesperson, having a colour/style in mind for a particular item. The list goes on.

Buying promotional products is very much the same; however, most corporate clients don’t approach it this way.

Selecting promotions is an overwhelming and daunting task; sifting through stacks of catalogues and online versions; looking at countless styles and colour combinations; comparing price; making the decision, then second guessing yourself.

Does this sound familiar? This is when you need a trustworthy, informed and experienced distributor who is able to assist you in making the right decisions. Consider this person a partner, because that’s their purpose.

TIP: Leverage all resources that are readily available, to make it easy for yourself! A salesperson’s role is much more than an order taker.

Okay…let’s move on to FIVE Cool Fall/Winter 2012/3 Trends to know before you buy your next promotion.

The first trend we’ve identified is cool Little iPad/Tablet covers made of FELT. Yes…felt, trimmed in Retro 60s vinyl, because they’re light and easy to carry.

Felt has a warm, fuzzy feeling and for a long time, it was a forgotten fabric. VINYL is also a top consideration, especially in solid Retro 1960s colours like turquoise, purple, hot pink and mint green.

Match it with a stand and you’ve got a useful and inexpensive combo. Price points range from $3.50 to $10.

The second trend to watch for is the colour WHITE. A lot of raised eyebrows on the phone when I mention this colour. It’s taking some time to catch on, but this young, fresh, clean colour (yes, it is a colour) is a welcome addition to its black partner.

Think about GEOMETRIC DESK ACCESSORIES, white travel products, writing instruments, car coats for women, vests with fur collars and mobile tech products. White is always the best background colour to make logo colours pop.

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