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DoubleDutch Improves Live Engagement Platform

SAN FRANCISCO — DoubleDutch has unveiled enhancements to its live engagement platform to provide marketers with control of live events, it was announced in early June.

With this release, the DoubleDutch live engagement platform, which transforms analog events into digital social experiences, will offer an expanded set of applications, integrations and performance metrics. Now, the platform enables event organizers to  create and manage all events on one platform and provides attendees with smart recommendations for sessions and people connections. Users can also facilitate meeting scheduling and transfer attendee signals to marketing automation and CRM systems for personalized follow-up in real time.

New platform capabilities include:

Event copying and templates. The platform empowers customers to manage several or hundreds of events. Customers can recreate past events; copy content, surveys polls and more; and consistently repeat portions of the event. In addition, the platform provides a variety of templates for specific event types (such as user conferences, sales kickoffs, trade shows, etc) and offers layout recommendations to ensure success, based on best practices.

Smart recommendations. Algorithms at the core of the platform now provide a personalized experience for each individual. Attendees can now get in-app recommendations on sessions they may find interesting while they plan their schedules, as well as people they may want to connect with, to better accomplish networking goals.

Attendee meeting scheduling. This function allows attendees to request and accept meetings, enter meeting details and choose from mutually available timeslots.

Marketing automation and CRM integrations. The live engagement platform captures behavioral data across a spectrum of activities at an event and distills that data into metrics and insights. Marketing and sales teams can use this data to understand the interests of each attendee. Furthermore, the data can be transferred into an organization’s marketing automation system, to score leads, trigger targeted campaigns based on activities, monitor prospect activity with alerts and enable personalized sales follow-ups as the event happens.

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