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EventMobi Staffer Receives MPI Chairman's Award

Courtney Stanley, EventMobiCourtney Stanley, head of marketing and industry relations at Toronto-based EventMobi, received the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Chairman’s Award this morning at the opening session of the World Education Congress (WEC).

The Chairman’s Award is given out annually by MPI’s Chairman of the Board to a person who has inspired him/her the most. Stanley was chosen by Michael Dominguez, senior vice-president of sales, MGM Resorts International, who served as chairman for 2013-14.

“Earlier in the year, Courtney was sending emails to us [MPI] and to me directly, saying how inspired she was and that inspiration was driving her to do special things in the industry, to apply for positions in the industry she never thought she’d apply for and to get engaged in a way that she never thought she would get engaged,” said Dominguez. “Her messages inspired me and reminded me of the influence we have on our members to get involved and active. I’m always amazed when I talk to emerging leaders. ┬áThat age group doesn’t see obstacles. If they want to write a book, they write a book. If they want to change the world, they change the world. It makes me sit back and reflect because the longer we’re in a business we sometimes forget why we got in it. Courtney truly was an inspiration for me year-round.”

The World Education Congress runs through to August 5th at the Minneapolis Convention Centre, Minneapolis, MN.

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