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Top 10 reasons to use the Cities in Sync program for your upcoming rotation

  1. Time Saving

    Submit 1 RFP and receive three bids for your group

  2. Presentation

    Cities in Sync will prepare a presentation to take to your board, outlining the benefits of the program to help you get the message across about how this program will work

  3. Customized Rotation

    You choose the year, you choose the rotation

  4. Incentives

    Incentive program structured on a case by case basis and the ability to secure funding for each year your group has a program through Cities in Sync

  5. Collaboration

    Destinations will communicate with each other, and you, on successful tactics to run an effective event

  6. Pre-Promotion

    Destinations will help promote your event through marketing channels to raise awareness and assist in your messaging

  7. Across Canada Experience

    Give your group the gift of moving across the country and experiencing the culture of three truly dynamic destinations

  8. Ease

    By having open lines of communication between destinations on behalf of your group, we will aid in smooth transition from year to year

  9. One Stop Shop

    Working with each other, your DMO’s will be able to provide you with relevant information for a successful event based on your group needs and past successes

  10. Level of Service

    St. John’s, Saskatoon and Victoria teams are committed to providing you with a high level of service and collaboration. Their teams are your team and dedicated to your success.


For more information on how Cities in Sync can work for you, visit or contact one of your CIS reps:

Krista Cameron – Destination St. John’s       

Candace Schierling – Tourism Saskatoon    

Miranda Ji – Tourism Victoria                          


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