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Team-Building & Travel: The Perfect Combination

Today’s business world is vast and diverse, but the one thing all companies have in common is the need to build strong teams of employees.

Anyone who has been in the corporate world long enough knows that spending time chatting in cubicles is not enough to make people enjoy working together effectively. That’s where team-building  activities come in. And while there are myriad team-building programs available locally, if the budget allows, nothing beats combining team-building with travel.

Shark Tank

If you really want to make a splash with your staff, there are a handful of adventure companies in North America and as far away as Australia and South Africa, that offer Great White Shark cage diving as an activity.

Just imagine being (safely) submerged with your fellow employees into the ocean, where you can all witness the awe of these giant carnivores circling around. This collective event can be so emotionally powerful, that it would overcome even the slightest feeling of annoyance the next time Bill borrows Jane’s stapler without asking.

Surf & Turf

Anyone who has visited the beaches and jungles of Costa Rica has come back with a smile on their face. If you want the same for your group, something as simple and fun as team surf lessons can really fit the bill. Fellow co-workers can learn this meditative and healthy sport together and enjoy the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

In the same week, your team can broaden their horizons by learning a new language together. Places like WAYRA Spanish School in Tamarindo offer various packages, including ones with stay.

Vegas, Baby

If you want to stay within North America perhaps a trip to Las Vegas is in order where staff can work together as a demolition and construction crew for the day. Live out the childhood dream of working a bulldozer, or even de-stress by taking part in an “Aggression Session” where your best and brightest get to spray paint their thoughts on a car and then smash that vehicle until their heart’s content.

Best of all, the destruction happens using a 30,000 pound Caterpillar excavator.

Ghost Hunting in Manhattan

If hitting the Big Apple is on the menu, a popular team activity is the Haunted New York Scavenger Hunt.

Staff groups visit sites that include abandoned buildings, look for a ghost in the Merchant House Museum and locate gravestones of famous (past) New Yorkers, all after dark! Each team receives a set of clues and they need to work together to plot a course for the scavenger hunt.

Work With a Team That Can Really Cook

The only thing better than learning how to make good food is eating it. Thankfully your employees can do both by taking part in international cooking classes. A few options? Head to the Yucatan Peninsula and learn Mayan cooking techniques, do a North Carolina Barbecue Society Boot Camp, or learn wine pairing in the Smoky Mountains.

Regardless of where you decide to take your crew, team building and travel can be a unique opportunity that will not only help with employee morale, problem-solving and camaraderie among staff, it will also help your company shine brightly as a place where talented people will want to work.

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